Phone Skills Coaching

Why You Need Training

You spend money on advertising and that advertising generates leads.  One of the more popular lead formats is a phone call to your business.  Our average client is receiving roughly 300 perspective customer phone calls per month. If your business is appointing 25% of those shoppers, that’s 75 appointments made.  Our best clients are achieving an 80% appointment ratio which will result in 240 appointments made.  The close ratio for appointments that show is 50%  When you take your average profit and times that by your number of sold customers, it doesn’t take long to realize just how important phone training can be to your business.

Why Phone Ninjas

A one time training class will not make your staff better!  Reading from a script will not make your team better! Yelling at your staff will not make them better!  Consistent ongoing coaching is what will make your team better!

Our Process

Step 1:

Each member of your staff is given a unique login to our coaching platform.

Step 2:

Staff members are required to watch 17 training videos that will teach the proper techniques for handling an inbound phone conversation. Below are those videos.

Step 3:

Upon completion of each video, staff members are required to take a test for final certification of that video. Below is an example.

Step 4:

Your staff will start printing word tracks to be used in phone conversations as seen below.

Step 5:

Our coaching staff will start listening to recorded sales calls from your call tracking provider.  As we listen to the calls, we are inserting coaching comments into the audio file as we find opportunities to coach or praise your staff.  Once completed, an email is sent to the person coached, as well as appropriate managers.  The staff member is required to listen to the coached sales call.  Upon completion, they are required to enter a secret code that was given at the end of the coaching session to prove they listened to the call.  Staff members are unable to fast forward the call.  Below is an example of a perfect coached call.

Step 6:

If an agent scores below a 2.5 in any category, they are required to return to videos to be retrained in that category.  Clients have the ability to raise certification levels as agents improve.

Step 7:

Managers are given a dashboard login to monitor and hold staff accountable. Below is a look at one of our top performing clients.  Notice this clients appointment percentage is 89%, which is common with our top performing clients.  Please note, this client does not use our platform to update shown appointments, or sold customers. The column to the right, that is highlighted, indicates the coaching sessions that have not been reviewed by staff members.

Step 8:

Managers must be champions of the process and hold staff accountable. Without management involvement, staff members will not take the training serious. Our top performing clients have been with us for many years and training is not an elective, it’s a requirement.  If you’re not familiar with the Hawthorne Effect it’s a good example of why our process works.


At Phone Ninjas, we help motivate your staff by giving away a free trip to Hawaii every quarter.  If your staff members score a perfect 5.0, they are entered in a drawing to win a trip to Hawaii.  To date, we have given away over 35 trips!


Our process is like a gym membership, you get out of it what you put into it. You must do the exercises if you want to see improvement.  The only reason why clients ever cancel… because they can’t get their staff members to follow the process.  Working at your business is not a democracy, it’s a dictatorship!  If you want to prosper, make training mandatory with no exceptions.  Make examples of those not willing to improve!